About Us

History and Significant Activities:

2005, The Keck Spectral Imaging Facility (KSIF) was initiated, as SIF, with the support of the National Science Foundation (major research instrument program, MRI) and NEAT ORU.  Instrument, combine atomic force and laser scanning confocal microscopy. 
2011,  It was further enhanced with the support W. M. Keck Foundation (research grant), NEAT ORU, Agilent Technology, Hitachi to upgrade instrument and introduce new instrument.  Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM), Raman Microscope. 
2016, became designated UCD Campus Core Facility
2005-now, Help UCD faculty attaining extramural grant in their interdisciplinary projects: Kai Liu and team’s NSF grants, Osterloh’s NSF grants, GY Liu’s Moore Research Grants, DOD Research Grants and NIH R01.

In the past three year period the facility has trained or provided imaging services to 152 PIs, post-docs, and grad students in the use of Atomic Force, Laser Scanning Confocal, Scanning Electron and EDS, and Raman Microscopy. Recharges for Services and Training generally recover 50% of the operating budget.