Combined Atomic Force Microscope/Confocal Microscope

Our Combined Atomic Force Microscope/ Confocal Microscope is a unique combination of advanced light microscopy and high resolution scanning probe technology. Users can 

Atomic Force Microscope: Oxford Asylum MFP-3D

Imaging Modes

  • Contact Mode
  • Force Mapping
  • Tapping Mode

Users may provide their own probes for imaging or use a probe provided by the user facility at $35/probe for general imaging. More advanced techniques may require a more costly probe. In case of this please consult with KSIF staff for all available options.

Confocal Microscope: Olympus IX81 inverted microscope FV1000 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

There are 6 lasers on this combined system:

  •  Diode 405 nm (violet), Argon 457 nm (blue), Argon 488 nm (blue-green), Argon 514.5 nm (green), HeNe 543 nm (green), HeNe 633 nm (red), Diode 980 nm (IR)

There are three objectives that can be used:

  • 10x, Numerical Aperture (0.3), Working Distance (10 mm), Field of View (2.2 mm), No Cover Slip Needed
  • 40x, Numerical Aperture (0.6), Working Distance (2.7-4.0 mm), Field of View (0.2 mm), No Cover Slip Needed
  • 60x, Numerical Aperture (1.42), Working Distance (0.15 mm), Field of View (0.13 mm), Cover Slip Needed, oil immersion