The Keck Spectral Imaging Facilities goal is to empower uses to help answer questions relating to their samples by providing state of the art equipment in surface science and spectroscopy. We are here not only to train users in the proper use of the instruments available but also provide guidance along the way.

Research is a dynamic process and it is important for researchers to have access to cutting edge instrumentation. Our facility is actively seeking funding for ways to improve our facility. Whether this is adding additional hardware or software to our equipment, providing a better user experience or procuring a new instrument, we keep the users needs at the forefront of our decisions.

Currently our instruments include:

  • Combined Oxford Asylum MFP3D Atomic Force Microscope/ Olympus FV 1000 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
  • Hitachi S-4100 T Scanning Electron Microscope with Oxford Inca Energy EDS, includes a sputter coater
  • Renishaw Confocal Raman Microscope
  • RHK Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope 

For those working with live cells our facility also includes a biosafety cabinet, incubator and centrifuge.